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Angel Syverson Pet Pitter
I have over 9 years experience as a Vet Assistant.
  I love animals, and know you want somebody you can trust. 
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Dog Walking

Cat Sitting

"Because Pets Need a Lunch Break Too!"

  • Just can't make it home over your lunch hour to let Buddy out?
  • One kid has dance, the other soccer, and Fido needs out?
  • The vet prescribed regular meds to Fluffy?
  • You're on an extended trip, and somebody needs to feed the pets?

Just call me up!

I can walk the dog, administer meds to cats and dogs, give insulin shots, and give them any special attention they need!
House Check-ins: I can take out trash, check mail, adjust lights & blinds, and more!

Other needs?  Just ask!